Territory the Card Game© 

A game based on placement, movement, and building the right strategy.

How it began...

Territory takes place in an epic fantasy setting; in an age of gods and mortals, magic and artifice. The world of Territory is known as Ozo; a mysterious and vast land surrounded by ancient ruins and reminders of a place with a long-forgotten past.  In the days of yore, mythical creatures nurtured the world and sought to ease the burdens of life and to glean understanding from the magnificent creation that surrounded them. Back then, Ozo was a realm under the purview of gods, where peace ruled, and balance was the law of the land. The Forgefather, chief amongst these gods, had invested much of himself into cultivating the realms, and with the help of the other deities, together the gods were able to create and maintain a world of harmony. However, as with all things over time, this harmony gave way to chaos, for the gods all began to leave one by one unbeknownst to the mortal creatures of Ozo.


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