Q: What does it mean when a Champion loses all abilities?

A: When a Champion loses all abilities, no ability keywords or rules text on that Champion apply. Only Hit Points, Armor, Food Requirements, Attack Power, Movement and Range are relevant on a Champion that loses all its abilities. 

Q: If I cast a Pure Spell and my opponent returns it to my hand with ‘Spell Resistance’ does the Pure Spell still count as being cast for Champion or Territory ability purposes? 

A: Yes, whenever a Spell is cast using Spell Power, regardless of the outcome, the Spell is considered to be cast for either Champion or Territory ability purposes.

Q: If I cast ‘Disastrous Encounter’ and target 2 champions on 2 different Territories and my opponent casts ‘Protect the Realm’, what happens?

A: All the damage from ‘Disastrous Encounter’ that targets a Champion on the Territory where ‘Protect the Realm’ was played is nullified. You may not deal any additional damage to Champions on the Territory where ‘Protect the Realm’ was played.

Q: What if I cast ‘Fatal Blast’ and target a Territory and my opponent casts ‘Protect the Realm’ from that Territory, what happens?

A: ‘Fatal Blast’ will do nothing.

Q: If I have ‘Defender of the Order’, and I forgo it’s attack to use its ability on a Champion on an opponent’s Territory what are examples of Champion Abilities that can be used and cannot be used?

A: Any non-movement-based abilities cannot be used. Any ability based on discarding cards, forgoing an attack or casting spells will not take place. Static abilities on Champions (abilities that do not require a trigger action) will still happen. For example, the abilities on ‘Priestess of Mysteries’, or ‘Tryton, the Chosen’ are considered static abilities. 

Q: If I have ‘Tryton’s Ring’, and ‘Tryton, the Chosen’ in play can I make it so that Tryton, the Chosen’s static ability giving all ‘Machine’ Champions +1 armor will instead give them no armor and +1 attack power instead.

A: Yes, Tryton’s Ring applies to any ability, static or active, that would give a bonus to armor.

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